/Philosophy & Values


The Polaris Difference


There are 3 promises that we make to every partner and customer as they form the foundations of our offerings:

1) Well-Designed User Experiences

We believe that business users have a right to demand for elegant and well-thought-out interfaces; and that good design is not just reserved for apps meant for use outside the business environment. This design-led approach to software differentiates us from other software companies as we believe that it enhances the overall experience and usage; which is one of the major challenges in software adoption in the workplace.

2) Successful Solutions Delivery

We simply do not accept failure in delivering solutions to customers and will endeavor to make each engagement a success. Our track record with customers since our inception shows a high customer satisfaction and retention rate; many of which have continuously worked with us from day one.

3) Partner and Customer Interest

We always look out for our partners’ and customers’ interest in every action we take, and in every advice we give. As we aim to build long term business relationships, we adhere to the philosophy of “Methodology over Technology” in that often a practical solution can be achieved with the right approach without the costly reengineering of technology and workflows.
To achieve these promises, we believe in having the right people and skill sets. We will not accept an engagement without the full confidence of matching yours and our own expectations of the output.

As such, all Polaris solutions will be designed and supported by in-house engineers with the necessary competencies and experience. We never oversell and certainly never under-deliver.

We will be happy to assist you in any one of our service areas. Feel free to contact us to schedule an on-site consultation or a product demonstration with any one of our consultants.