Polaris Business Intelligence is an in-memory data analyser, capable of producing interactive reports from existing business data.

Most organisations accumulate an enormous amount of data from their day-to-day business activities. Such are typically stored in individual applications and databases across different business areas, most of which are not integrated. This results in difficulties deriving business performance data, of which is crucial in making important business decisions.

Our Business Intelligence tool consolidates the data from various sources to create interactive reports that can be queried and altered on the fly, allowing top-level management to have a 360-degree view on important business areas.


Integration Reports can be generated by accessing a variety of data sources, from SQL to Foxpro databases and Excel spread sheets. More than one data source can be queried and consolidated to produce a single report.

Data Analysis & Drill-Down Data can be analysed on the fly across multiple dimensions. Reports can be sorted, filtered and drilled-down to produce greater detail.

Dashboards Reports are presented in graphs and charts and other graphical indicators in a dashboard view.

Rapid Report Generation Reports are generated rapidly where the datasets are loaded and processed in memory. This reduces the time taken to process complex reports. Reports need not be regenerated when jumping from one report to another.

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