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Polaris CRM is a full-featured, web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. It addresses the challenges faced in acquiring and retaining sales by helping businesses create high-value relationships with its customers; maximising the value of customers over their lifetime.

Polaris CRM features full Internet-Capabilities with easy-to-use yet powerful functionality; providing vital information and analysis to improve customer understanding. It empowers employees to work effectively and independently, whilst encouraging collaboration among them, ultimately leading to better customer service.


Access Accurate, Real-Time Info Query accurate, real-time data and alter information with ease using an integrated, high performance SQL database.

Unparalleled Mobility Full Internet capability delivered via thin -client architecture allows users to work from virtually any locations at any time via a web browser.

Dashboards & Reporting Tools Summaries of information, KPIs and management reports are presented using dashboards, making it easier to find and react to business triggers.

Automation of Business Processes Advanced workflow engine allows automation of business processes while eliminating information redundancy.

Scalability Robust to meet current needs; scalable to match business' growth.

Integration Seamless integration with solutions from other vendors.

You can find out more about Polaris CRM by accessing our online demo or by downloading a PDF brochure with the links provided on the right toolbar.

Polaris CRM With TouchSales

Polaris TouchSales is a companion iPad application to Polaris CRM. TouchSales is designed with the simple objective of helping businesses succeed in sales. It is designed and built with the mobile workforce in mind by harnessing the instant nature and user experience of a mobile application plus the availability of real-time information via cloud technologies.

TouchSales enables smarter decisions, faster execution of workflows, and the ability achieve greater productivity outside the office. Businesses can maximise customer value with functions that allow them to manage the entire customer lifecycle from their iPads.

With TouchSales, sales persons can place orders, access customer and product information including pricing, inventory levels and product photos on the iPad. Business data is synchronised seamlessly between TouchSales and Polaris CRM, allowing businesses centralised control over product and customer information and allowing sales orders to be uploaded to Polaris CRM for further processing.


Your Office in Your Hands TouchSales users will have access to Customer Information, Items Catalogue, Item Specifications, Stock Levels and Order Transactions on-the-go. Information will seamlessly synchronise with the cloud to enable rapid information retrieval even without an Internet connection.

Create and Execute TouchSales provides end-to-end sales workflow automation. Create a new sales order, email it to the customer as soon as it is saved, and have it synchronised it back for immediate processing.

Making Every Conversation Count The Communications & Command Centre module allows the back office to exchange messages with the sales force. Instructions can be sent to the mobile workforce whereas feedback and service reports can be recorded and sent from the field back to the office.

Keeping Business in Check Businesses need to be in control. Flexible security privileges ensure that users only view their own information, whereas workflows for approvals and credit control features ensure that business processes are in check.

Work In or Outside the Cloud Work online and offline for maximum flexibility and mobility. TouchSales synchronises with a cloud solution on the backend that centralises data for further reporting and analysis.

User Experience Matters TouchSales was designed to offer an elegant user experience to its users. Users who typically refrain from complex business software will be at ease with an interface that allows them to reach any function with just a few taps on the screen.

Fluid and Flexible TouchSales allows for seamless Integration with third party accounting & inventory systems. Work with an existing system without costly reinvestment. It is also highly configurable to fit in most business environments without having to reengineer existing practices.



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