Polaris Data Synchronisation is an add-on application that enhances the functionality of traditional business systems. It integrates with Financial, Inventory and Point of Sales (POS) systems to allow for synchronisation of data among separate databases located in different physical locations. This ensures that information is kept up to date within a business that operates in different offices.

To facilitate the synchronisation process, data is transferred across via an Internet connection. The synchronisation can be scheduled to run automatically without any user intervention or manually by the user requesting for a synchronisation to be made. The process runs in the background and does not affect the user's operations of the system.


1-way or 2-way Data Transfer - Data is transferred from any application's database across various locations. 1-way transfer can useful for the basic reporting of sales and 2-way transfer can allow the dynamic update of pricing for products and services, assignment of tasks and projects to other locations.

User-defined Time Intervals - The transfer of information can be scheduled at different time intervals as defined by the user.

Automated Transfer - The data transfer occurs in the background and requires no user intervention. The data is exported and imported automatically across the remote locations.

Ease of Use - Work routine is not affected by the synchronisation process as the transfer occurs in the background.

Efficient Data Transfer - Polaris Data Synchronisation only transfers information that needs to be transferred, such as only new or updated records instead of entire databases, thus minimising the size of the data to be transferred.

High Level of Security - The data to be transferred is compressed, encrypted and transmitted using a secure channel based the SSL encryption over the Internet.

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