Polaris Documents Management serves as a digital documents archiving system. It allows business users to store business documents which can be virtually any file format (scanned images, word documents, spread sheets etc.). The indexing engine then enables users to quickly search for and find the desired documents with ease.


Storage & Indexing Documents may be uploaded into the system using a web interface. File attributes, tags and ownership information may be also be appended to the file descriptions for indexing purposes.

Documents Versioning All documents carry a mandatory version number which denotes the current version of the document stored.

Internet Access Polaris Documents Management is web-based and therefore can be made accessible on either the Intranet or Internet, depending on the user's requirements.

Sorting Documents uploaded may be archived and sorted according to a number of criteria set by the user.

Archiving Documents that are stored for fast retrieval are archived for better space management by compressing certain file elements.


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