The Supportworks Enterprise Support Platform (ESP) provides a broad range of highly adaptable IT service desk, customer support and business help desk software that automates Service Management processes.

Templates are available for most common IT Service Management & business requirements, built on Supportworks, which can be up and running in no time at all. These templates which use the same application platform but features customisations in implementation allow us to deploy Supportworks in the following 2 main solution areas: IT Service Management and Business Service Desk.

IT Service Management Solutions

Polaris Net can assist in your IT Service Management journey from a simple IT help desk to ITSM maturity with enhanced ITIL-compatible software. Supportworks ITSM software supports an organisation's IT Service Management journey, whatever its stage of maturity.

The journey of service improvement can take the IT organisation from the reactive and technology-centric focus characterised by the 'chaotic' IT helpdesk, through the first stages of ITIL adoption, to a vision of business-centric service delivery that demonstrates IT value.

The family of Supportworks applications that we implement have been designed to match the requirements at each stage on the ITSM journey. Built on the Supportworks platform, these applications offer a simple upgrade path, helping organisations transition from one level of maturity to the next. The same application platform is used with different templates to support different types of implementations; from simple IT help desks to ITIL v3-compatible service desks that are verified by Pink Elephant in accordance with their PinkVERIFY™ 3.0 program.

Business Service Desk Solutions

Supportworks is designed to enable service-centric organisations to manage the potentially complex matrix involved in supporting external customers and internal employees, including multiple organisations, sites, contacts, contracts, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), assets and charging models.

Supportworks service desk technology provides a flexible platform to realise many measurable benefits through enhanced customer and business operations support. The solution includes service best-practices as a standard, with workflow support to automate service delivery processes.

Using the Supportworks platform, we are able to support various types of implementations with different templates for service management, internal business support, customer support and even complaints management.


'Human Touch' Features - The best-practices approaches are made transparent; thus helping to overcome the common barriers to successful adoption. Support personnel have a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities, thanks to an interface with contextual information. Customers receive quality service, from support analysts who are better informed. Administrators benefit from visual tools contributing to better management of business activities.

ITIL Processes and Productivity Tools – The full set of ITIL processes are supported, satisfying most of the IT Service Management Requirements out of the box. This is supplemented by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) engine and business process automation tools that optimise the time needed to perform many tasks. Multi-clip functionality allows you to maintain a list of pre-defined text parts which can simply be right-click pasted into any part of the application where you can type text. E-mail templates with fully definable auto-field completion, bulk email creation, customer surveys, integration with Microsoft Office enabling automated document construction and mail merges are supported. Other productivity features include correct-as-you-type spell checking, misspelled word highlighting, operator guidance scripting and wizards that simplify many complex tasks.

Email and Telephony Integration – Supportworks integrates seamlessly with your preferred corporate mail solution including Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and other Internet compatible systems. It also features an application level mail server that provides comprehensive shared mailbox functionality with full support for file attachments. A built-in interface using industry standard TAPI allows integration with any telephone system that provides a TAPI 2.1 or better driver. This provides both speed dialling and screen popping on incoming calls.

Web Self-Service - Customers and internal business users have access to a web portal to interact and find resolutions on service issues. Tickets can be placed, important documentation can be downloaded and an interactive knowledgebase is available to resolve common issues that have been documented previously. The self-service portal reduces the burden on support staff and allows a speedier response to issues faced by users.

Flexible and Easy to Deploy – Supportworks can be configured to meet various business processes, providing ultimate flexibility. Pre-packed service desk application templates provide a starting point that significantly reduces configuration effort. In addition, Supportworks does not require specialist programming skills to configure. A series of wizards and drag-and-drop design environments greatly simplifies configuration, allowing any competent IT professional to modify the application without specialist knowledge.

Supportworks is a product of Hornbill from the UK. Polaris Net is proud to be its sole representative and partner in the Asia Pacific region. For more information on Supportworks, you can visit Hornbill's website here.



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