TouchSales is a suite of business applications built to help increase sales, reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction. Access it online via the web on almost any device (desktop, tablet, mobile phone) or enjoy true offline capability with the iPad edition. Explore the solutions below to find out how TouchSales can improve your profits and processes.

Mobile Sales, Van Sales, In-Office Sales, Telemarketing

Equip your sales force with the latest in mobile and cloud technologies to enable them to sell effectively anytime and anywhere. TouchSales supports multiple devices from mobile phones, PC, laptops and tablets for cloud based access and also offline access for iPads. This allows businesses to invest in specialised hardware or to leverage on existing devices already available; depending on the needs of the sales force.

Key Features:

The TouchSales Product Catalogue feature is not just a listing of product specifications, photos and pricing, but it is a tool that can be used to actively capture sales. The Product Catalogue can be used solely by sales agents or it can be shared with customers; allowing them to browse the catalogue as they would with printed ones.

Beautifully designed to capture the attention of sales agents and customers, the product catalogue is interactive and designed to drive sales agent and customer behavior towards the products and services which management wish to push. By using the Promotions module, management can highlight to sales agents and customers the latest deals, discounts and new products available for sale.

The highlight of the Product Catalogue is the innovative Custom Catalogue feature which allows management or sales agents to create unlimited Custom Catalogues for individual customers or a segment of customers, thus allowing a highly personalised sales relationship with customers. These Custom Catalogues can be easily shared via email, Facebook and WhatsApp taking advantage of social media to reach out to your customers.

The Product Catalogue allows customers or sales agents to directly place orders which is then linked to the Sales Orders module. This allows your business to receive orders from all sales channels be it from sales agents, distributors or directly from customers anytime of the day. At the same time, it seamlessly channels this order to your backend systems via TouchSales to avoid the hassle of additional data entry into your accounting systems.

TouchSales’ Promotions feature allows management to plan promotions and pricing for the whole year ahead or longer if required. This allows for strategic planning on how to achieve annual sales targets.

It also allows for management to respond quickly to market changes and opportunities as they occur. For example, if there is a short fall in monthly sales, management can easily create a promotion to help the sales force achieve their targets.

The promotions module allows for the targeting of customer segments or even individual customers with various types of promotions and targeted pricing. This allows your business to maximize profits and retain strong personalised relationships with your customers.

Among the promotions supported are Discounts, Discounts on Discounts, Product Bundling such as “Buy One Free One”, “Buy Item A to Enjoy Free Item B”, Time-based Flash Deals, Custom Deals and many more iterations of such promotions.

TouchSales provides multiple methods of entry for sales orders depending on the device used. The 2 main methods of data entry is via the Product Catalogue and the Quick Entry screen. The user interface is intuitive and well designed with product information, promotions, pricing and stock levels at the fingertips of users.

Polaris has strategically chosen Sales Orders as the transaction of choice to integrate with as it allows for better and trouble-free integration with accounting systems such as AutoCount, EMAS, Sage UBS and QnE. Among the benefits of integrating with Sales Orders instead of Invoices is a clear separation between the order-taking processes and billing and inventory control processes. For example, integrating with Sales Orders avoids issues such as negative on hand balance and does not bypass credit limit controls.

TouchSales has ready built data connectors for EMAS, Sage UBS, AutoCount and QnE Optimum. Data connectors provides for a seamless upload of customers, products and pricing data into the TouchSales cloud and also the download of Sales Orders directly into your accounting & inventory system. No manual data entry is required, reducing mistakes and saving time for your backend staff.

Once Sales Orders are downloaded into the Sales Orders module of your accounting & inventory system, your backend staff are just required to review and retrieve these orders into Delivery Orders or Invoices. This allows for a clear separation between the order taking process handled by TouchSales and the billing and inventory management handled by the accounting & inventory system.

Effective communications with your sales force, channel partners and customers is essential in any sales process. TouchSales Messages & Alerts module allows messages and alerts to be tagged to products, customers and also as general announcements. For example, if there is a price increase for Product A next month, management can tag a message to the product so that the sales agents, distributors and customers are not caught by surprise.

Sales & Customer Support, Service Desk

After successfully concluding a sale, it is important to provide a reliable after sales service to handle enquiries, complaints, warranty claims and product maintenance. TouchSales Service Desk allows your business to provide a reliable and consistent after sales service by tracking every issue raised by your customers and ensuring that they are responded to and resolved in a timely manner.

Key Features:

Manage your list of customers and contacts including customer branches, products purchased by customers and customer related activities. It is important to know as much information about your customer and their interaction with your business to provide good service. Customer data can be imported in from Excel or you can use one of the data connectors available for EMAS, Sage UBS, AutoCount and QnE.

Manage sales contracts, service contracts and maintenance contracts signed with customers and even third party contracts such as rental leases. The Contracts module provides reports covering Contracts Expiry and Renewal, ensuring renewals are not missed.

The Contracts module is also tightly integrated with the Tickets module, preventing service from being provided to customers without valid contracts.

In addition, the Contracts module allows for the creation of a routine maintenance schedule to ensure you meet your obligations to your customer.

The Tickets Module allows the tracking of every issue raised by your customer. Every change or interaction regarding any issue raised can be tracked and assigned to the person in charge of resolving the issue.

The Tickets module has a built in Service Level Agreement (SLA) engine that helps monitor how fast each ticket is responded to and fixed. This allows your business to provide reliable and timely after sales service to every customer.

Manage the schedules of your field work force (technicians, engineers etc). Routine maintenance can be planned and scheduled based on the contract signed with customers. Track every interaction between your business and customers so that you can provide a personalised service to every customer.

TouchSales for the iPad

Deployment Options: Cloud vs On Premise
TouchSales is available to be deployed on the cloud or on premise.

  Cloud On-Premise
Price Monthly or Annual subscription fees Upfront investment + annual support fees
Servers Exabytes Cloud Servers based in AIMS data centre Office Server
Internet High availability Tier 1 connectivity Stable internet connection required (e.g. UNIFI)
Security SSL (credit card level encryption), software firewall, secure data centre Office firewall
Support Support included in subscription fees Annual support fees

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