Polaris Web Extensions is a suite of add-on Internet applications to traditional business systems. It is designed to complement business applications such as Financial, Inventory and Point of Sales (POS) systems, to extend the functionality of such systems beyond that of a desktop application.

Polaris Web Extensions leverages on the business data within the database of existing business systems to provide important and timely information to employees and customers via the Internet. Information such as product specifications, stock levels, customer details and various other business performance indicators are extracted from existing data sources and displayed securely via the Internet to mobile users.


Real-time Access Real-time access to business information is delivered to users from any location at any time via the Internet.

Customer Information Retrieval - Customer records are available to designated employees via the Internet, allowing them to query important information even if they are out of the office.

Product and Stock Information - Customers and mobile employees are able to query product information including specifications, selling price and stock levels.

Online Order Entry Users (both employees and customers) have the flexibility of placing orders through an online interface. Orders will then be transferred to back-end Financial and Inventory systems.

Reports and Business Performance Indicators Users will have the option to view sales reports, outstanding bill balances and various business performance indicators.

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