TouchSales Mobile Sales for iPad

Combywide Marketing Sdn Bhd, Combywide Confectionary Sdn Bhd, Kin Seng Sdn Bhd, Sun Weng Soon Sdn Bhd (4 subsidiaries)

Industry: Manufacturer and distributor of food products including coffee and confectionary products.

Equipped 20 sales agents with TouchSales Mobile Sales for the iPad replacing manual order taking. The main purpose of the customer adopting TouchSales was to reduce data entry errors, to reduce work load of the accounting department and to ease compliance with GST requirements.

TouchSales Mobile Sales for iPad

Yusuf Taiyoob Sdn Bhd

Industry: Distributor of food products including dates, nuts and dry foods.

Equipped 5 sales agents with TouchSales Mobile Sales for the iPad replacing manual order taking. Sales agents operate out of Penang and Kuala Lumpur with TouchSales providing the mobility required for sales agents to sell effectively beyond these regions; particularly when needing to access information on stock levels. The seamless integration with their accounting & inventory system reduces the work load on admin staff.

Polaris Web Extensions for EMAS (Sales Orders, Invoices, CN, DN, Approvals, Reporting, Packing List for Serial Numbers), Polaris e-Commerce

Compugates Berhad

Industry: Distribution of Canon, Panasonic, Samsung, YES and many other consumer electronics brands

Compugates uses the EMAS Accounting & Inventory system as their backend system. As their business expanded, there were more requests from staff and management to further improve their IT systems, namely into areas of sales automation, allowing their teams to operate remotely and in e-Commerce.

Polaris provided solutions to various parts of the business including the logistics department, sales department, marketing department and sales support department using Polaris Web Extensions. Polaris enabled 25 sales staff to enter orders anytime and anywhere, managers to approve orders via their mobile phones and at the same time allowing sales support to seamlessly process orders with a click of the button.

Polaris has also enabled Compugates to sell products online and execute a loyalty program strategy via a custom developed e-Commerce portal. This portal also provides automation in the calculation of promotions entitlement and payment discounts which were all highly labour intensive. Most importantly, Compugates was able to retain use of their existing accounting and inventory systems instead of investing in expensive and complex ERP systems which would take considerable time and resources to implement.

TouchSales Service Desk

O’Connor’s Engineering Sdn Bhd

Industry: Systems integrator and telecommunications solutions provider

O’Connors manages PABX, telephony and networking equipment for banks and multinational companies across multiple locations in Malaysia. Polaris implemented the TouchSales Service Desk solution to help O’Connors track customer issues, manage field engineers schedules and also to ensure compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

The TouchSales Service Desk also comes with a Contracts Module to allow tracking of contract expiry and renewals, thus ensuring renewals are not missed and service not provided if customers do not have a valid contract.

Custom Software Development Services

Winkworth Franchising Ltd., UK

Industry: Real estate services provider

Winkworth, a leading real-estate company in the UK allows customers to search for properties for rent and purchase via its web portal. Winkworth PLC, the holding company of Winkworth Franchising Ltd, was successfully listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange in 2009.

Polaris provided software development services for ‘backend’ administrative functions as well as ‘frontend’ enhancements to Winkworth’s portal. In addition to that, Polaris implemented a social Intranet site for Winkworth’s internal usage.