Polaris develops customised software for businesses.

Our services range from design and development, to implementation and post-delivery support.

Our engineering team possesses a broad range of development skill sets: Open-Source (PHP and related frameworks such as Zend, Symfony, Joomla), User Interface Frameworks (Sencha/extJS, Jquery), Mobile Development (Xamarin), Databases (MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL), Proprietary Platforms (Microsoft .NET), and Legacy Programming Languages (FoxPro).

Our platform of choice will be the Polaris Software Framework. It is an in-house developed framework that follows the Model–View–Controller (MVC) architectural pattern and uses PHP as its core programming language.

Here are some examples of solutions built by us:

Malaysian Diabetes Patient Registry for the Ministry of Health, Malaysia

Built for the Ministry of Health and used across more than 6,000 clinics and hospitals nationwide.

Debt Collection Software

Developed for a leading call centre that performs debt collection on behalf of banks and telecommunications companies.

Property Management Software

Built to manage condominiums maintained by a leading property developer. This is a web-based system that tracks visitors, manages assets, allows booking of facilities and also the lodging of complaints by residents.

The following are examples of integration works we have undertaken:

Call Centre Software Integration

Integration with a Malaysian insurance provider’s backend system, fax server and PABX system (by Avaya) to create a seamless frontend. This solution is used by call centre operators to manage incoming enquiries and claim requests.

Warehouse and Accounting System

Warehouse management system integrated with a locally-developed accounting and inventory system. Stock movements in the warehouse are tracked and are automatically reflected in the accounting and inventory system through the creation of transactions.

SupportWorks Service Desk

Integration of SupportWorks solution with Microsoft Systems Management Server and E-Works business flow software. This was done to serve an international oil & gas company with operations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea and Australia.

Polaris e-Commerce

Polaris does not focus on standalone e-commerce solutions as there are many open source solutions available. However, if customers require an e-Commerce solution that is closely integrated to their backend systems, Polaris is able to provide a comprehensive solution.

Polaris Data Sync

Data sync software that allows EMAS Inventory and POS software to be synchronised across branches in different locations automatically.

Polaris Web Extensions

Web based extension of EMAS Accounting & Inventory software to allow transactions to be entered via the Internet and also the checking of stock on hand and credit balances. Polaris Web Extensions is used as a framework to help EMAS dealers design unique customised solutions to meet specific customer needs that otherwise would not be met by standard accounting & inventory systems. If you are a dealer of EMAS, Sage UBS, AutoCount or QnE and you have an unmet customer requirement, call us to find out what Polaris can do for you.


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